Calabama Hot Sauce and Breakfast Sandwiches | Bucket Drop

Calabama Hot Sauce and Breakfast Sandwiches | Bucket Drop ORDER HERE:   |  @calabama An all too familiar byproduct of the pandemic is social distancing. This of course has affected us social beings in countless ways. Our heart goes out to all the struggling restaurants and we’re thankful for the delivery apps to keep [...]

THE BROAD Contemporary Art Museum

by Christina Champlin The Broad | Stunning contemporary art museum with a one-of-a-kind exterior, located on Grand Ave. The Broad offers rotating temporary exhibitions, and houses over 2,000 pieces in its permanent collection, including works by Jean‐Michel Basquiat, Mike Kelley, Jeff Koons, Yayoi Kusama, Roy Lichtenstein, Pablo Picasso, and Robert Rauschenberg, to name a few. The [...]

Victory Garden LA

A lot of us have figured out things to do to occupy our free time during the pandemic. Some constructive, some not so much. One of the more popular outlets has been gardening. We at Modern Living LA are very impressed with the folks at Victory Garden LA. One victory garden for personal use led [...]

The Art Room

"So you’re familiar with hybrid cars and hybrid dogs right? But, let’s not be overly impressed by the combination of merely two things. Designed by AUX Architecture, the Art Room is a 7,750 square foot creative space housing a restaurant, art gallery, studio and venue for creative collaborations with artists, designers, musicians, architects, chefs, baristas, [...]

Asante Microfarm | Crop Swap LA™ Project

THIS WAY TO FIND OUT MORE or BECOME A MEMBER... Asante Microfarm | Installed in a South Los Angeles front yard Grows more than 600 organically grown vegetable plantsAutomatically captures and recycles waterStores 660 gallons of water for use to grow more food. Are you Interested?Crop Swap LA Programs Interest List Asante is a Swahli word [...]