As one of the most prolific of the modern architects, A Quincy Jones had his hand in over 5,000 built structures in California. Jones body of work includes, churches, restaurants, university buildings as well as single family homes. He had various collaborators over the years, including, Frederick R Emmons along with modern developer Joseph Eichler to build several quintessentially modern housing tracts in Northern and Southern California. He was a believer in creating housing that functions within a community.

Jones’ own house was built within the Mutual Housing Association in Brentwood. The MHA was a project he collaborated with fellow architect Whitney R Smith and noted landscape architect Garrett Eckbo to build modern homes for generally progressive minded people. Richard Neutra and Craig Ellwood also contributed to this landscape of what is now called Crestwood Hills. A Quincy Jones would also teach and become Dean of the School of Architecture at the University of Southern California. We are fortunate that many of the homes he built still stand today.

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Crestwood Hills Richard Neutra Mid Century Modern home, The Sale Residence – 1960, is sited in the “utopian” enclave of expressive architecture known as, Crestwood Hills. Architects, Neutra, A. Quincy Jones, Whitney R. Smith and Craig Ellwood all contributed work to this cooperative development which brought about “good design and economical construction to moderate-income housing…” With interest in the project coming from musicians, artists and faculty members at UCLA, the growing group incorporated as the Mutual Housing Association in 1946.