The Art Room

“So you’re familiar with hybrid cars and hybrid dogs right?
But, let’s not be overly impressed by the combination of merely two things.
Designed by AUX Architecture, the Art Room is a 7,750 square foot creative space housing a restaurant, art gallery, studio and venue for creative collaborations with artists, designers, musicians, architects, chefs, baristas, mixologists, photographers and performers.
Take that, Saint Berdoodle and Noofypoo! You’ve got nothing on The Art Room.
We’re so excited to eat, art gaze and pop in some ear plugs for the big music show.  

What’s really great is the as yet untitled restaurant will be helmed by D Brandon Walker.
We hear he’s a big proponent of helping folks with hardships get back on their feet thru culinary training. If all this isn’t reason enough to check out The Art Room, well ,
you still have the Prius to fall back on.” …


908 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Expect the Art Room to open in late March or early April

The Art Room Creative Space and Restaurant

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