The Brewery Art Colony: From Craft Beers to Arts and Crafts

The Brewery Art Colony: From Craft |
Brewery Artist’s Colony Timeline |

The Brewery Artist’s Colony Timeline
1897-1920 | Los Angeles Brewing Company (aka Eastside Beverage Co.)
1920-1926 | Zesto Beverage Co.  
1933-1953 | Los Angeles Brewing Company, (aka Eastside Brewing, & Mission Brewing Co)
1953-1979  | Pabst Brewing Company
1979-Present | Carlson Industries operates facility as “The Brewery Artist Colony” 


The Brewery Art Colony: From Craft Beers to Arts and Crafts
By Hadley Meares, February 2, 2015

In one of LA’s oldest suburbs, Lincoln Heights, The Los Angeles Brewing Company (also known as the Eastside Brewery) broke ground on a five-story malt house in 1903.  At the same time, the Edison Electric company began building its massive new power plant, with eight boilers, high-tech Curtiss turbine engine, and its famous 150-foot-tall cement smoke stack.

by: Hadley Meares
by: Ray Smith/Flickr/Creative Commons

In 1948 Pabst purchased the complex and with extensive renovations and expansion, the new Pabst plant was formally dedicated in 1953. The 40-foot-high Pabst Blue Ribbon Sign became a landmark for drivers on the nearby Golden State Freeway.  In 1979 the Pabst Brewery and soon after the Edison Plant property were purchased by Arnold “Whitey” Carlson and his sons. In 1982 Los Angeles passed the Artist-in-Residence code, allowing artists could rent studios in industrial zoned buildings. The family turned the 16-acre Brewery site into an amazing new artist colony.

The Brewery Arts Complex (also known as the Brewery Art Colony) in Los Angeles is known to be the largest live-and-work artists’ colony in the world. The Brewery is home to work studios, living lofts, restaurants, and galleries. The studios are open to the public Art Walk twice a year featuring works of artistic media, industrial design, photography, sculpture, architecture and more.


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