Case Study House #11 by J.R. Davidson | Demolished

Case Study House #11 by J.R. Davidson. Built in 1946 | Demolished date unknown, rumored to be 13 years after being built
540 S Barrington Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90049

Case Study House No. 11 by architect J.R. Davidson. The home was built in 1946. This was the first Case Study House to be built by Davidson even though he built Case Study House No. 1, that home wasn’t built until 1948. CSH No. 11 was on the smaller size however, the floor plan was extremely efficient. Ideally situated at an angle on the lot allowing for ample outdoor living areas. Davidson built his personal house and studio on the same street. Both CSH No. 11 and Davidsons personal home/ studio were rumored to be demolished approx. 13 years later due to a new zoning law that allowed for high rise apartments to be built on North Barrington Ave.

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