The Henry O. Bollman Residence
by Architect Lloyd Wright

Mid Century House–Spaulding Square

First offering since 1983. City of Los Angeles Cultural Historic Monument #235, The Henry O. Bollman Residence, 1922 by architect Lloyd Wright.

Modernist Architecture–Spaulding Square

Wright’s personal vision of a new American architecture is expressed here with an innovative building system utilizing pre-cast concrete blocks to structurally & decoratively augment standard building methodologies.

Mid Century Modern-Spaulding Square

The style draws from theatrical and Mesoamerican precedents imparting a dramatic temple-like feeling of intimacy.

Mid Century House–Spaulding Square

By the time Designer, Mimi London came upon the property it had fallen into disrepair.

Modern Real Estate-Spaulding Square

London’s work to renovate and re-interpret the residence has earned two covers of Architectural Digest! Her renovations have made the house more functional; better serving modern lifestyles with a new kitchen, baths, and an expansion of living space into what was the attached garage.

Modernist Architecture–Spaulding Square

Tropical plantings, including Trumpet Vine, Black Bird of Paradise and Monstera Deliciosa impart a feeling of living in a tropical garden.

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Listing courtesy of Crosby Doe, Crosby Doe Associates, Inc.