Home of Tomorrow

Hidden in plain site. There are plenty articles written about the Case Study Homes sponsored by John Entenza’s Arts & Architecture publication. But are you aware of the Post War House and, eventually, rechristened as the House of Tomorrow? It sits right on Wilshire Blvd and Highland Avenue in the Mid City neighborhood.


A classic sparkling kidney shaped swimming pool tops off the modern vibe.

Private and gated Mid Century Pool Home in the Hollywood Hills. As Hollywood was transitioning from the vintage glamour of the 1930’s and 1940’s, to what would become commonly known as the “mid century” design aesthetic. Ludwig Gluskin (a prominent band leader who worked with Orson Wells and George Burns) would commission architect Harry B Aarens to design a modern home on a special piece of property in the Hollywood Hills.


Bel Air Mid Century Chic. I think we all know by now that grandma-chic is hip.

I think we all know by now that grandma-chic is hip. Move over influencers, this is old school style. This mid-century modern has tons of its original 1960's charm. Giant windows great you upon entering. A gorgeous, curved staircase climbing up the double height entry is minimal, but stunning. Classic stone, brick and wood finishes adorn the walls. A burnt orange backdrop for the dining room really sets the mood. And, maybe if you ask nicely, she'll throw in one of the floral sofas.