The Pool and the Stream Redux

CATEGORY: Architecture | DATE: 9.10.19 | PRODUCER: 99pi You Should Know: The First Kidney-Shaped Pool (1939) Noormarkku, Finland | September 27, 2016 By TWS Villa Mairea was completed in 1939. Designed by the world-famous architect Alvar Aalto and his wife. Villa Mairea belongs to a time when Alvar Aalto moved from the minimalist functionalism to more [...]

The House that Came in the Mail

CATEGORY: Architecture | DATE: 10.05.21 | PRODUCER: Joe Rosenberg The Sears & Roebuck Mail Order Catalog was nearly omnipresent in early 20th century American life. By 1908, one fifth of Americans were subscribers. Anyone anywhere in the country could order a copy for free, look through it, and then have anything their heart desired delivered directly [...]