Who’s ready to go back to the office full time? Well, we might not be there yet, but how about this Flank Lloyd Wright collection of office furniture from Steelcase? The original furniture from FLW was designed for the SC Johnson Corporation. Today’s collection includes re-introductions of these pieces and new designs “rooted in Frank Lloyd Wright’s principles”.  We’re inspired. If only we could get the office manager to fit the bill. 

Eileen Gray’s E-1027 Villa and Side Table

“To create, one must first question everything” Eileen Gray Not long ago we had the privilege of staying at a private residence in the South of France in a little medieval town called Roquebrune. This gorgeous property has exquisite private gardens which overlook Monaco and the Mediterranean Sea, and, boasts past visitors like Princess Grace [...]

Klaus Micke | Professional Photographer

Take it from Klaus, we could all use a bit more color in our lives. His Minimalism is magical! Follow him on instagram: klausmicke Klaus Micke: Professional Photographer I Germany I Oberhausen- Searching for Beauty - Following the Light - A Picture Each Day - If you would like to know more, call 310.622.0312 or email Brian Courville. [...]

Bun Burger in Turin Italy

We almost don’t care what the burgers taste like (but, we’re sure they’re delicious)! This Memphis design influenced burger restaurant by Masquespacio is a visual treat. Bun Burger in Turin Italy | Photography by Gregory Abbate THIS WAY FOR MORE INFORMATION | THIS WAY BACK to MORE “DESIGN INSPIRATIONS”… If you would like to know [...]