Case Study House #3 by William Wurster and Theodore Bernardi | Demolished

Case Study House #3 by architects William Wurster and Theodore Bernardi. Designed 1945, Completed 1949 | Demolished 2013
3187 Chalon Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90049

Case Study House #3 was built by architects William Wurster and Theodore Bernardi. It was during Williams time as the dean of tenure of Architecture & Planning at M.I.T. that he was involved in the project of the 3rd of the first 13 houses in the Case Study House program.

William brought on board his long-time associate, Theodore Bernardi to help. The home was designed in an H-shape layout coupling with floor-to-ceiling windows, reinforcing the concept of indoor-outdoor living.

The Case Study Houses were experiments in American residential architecture sponsored by Arts & Architecture magazine, which commissioned major architects of the day. The project was designed to design and build inexpensive and efficient model homes for the United States residential housing boom caused by the end of World War II and the return of millions of soldiers. The home was designed 1945, completed in 1949 and sadly, demolished 2013.

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