Forgotten Fantasy | World’s First Art Amusement Park

Imagine for a moment that a select group of influential modern artists got thrown into a carnival bouncy house and then launched via a cartoon spaceship into 1980’s Germany. We have the results stationed right in downtown Los Angeles. Luna Luna: Forgotten Fantasy, a spectacular showcase of the world’s first art amusement park- lost since 1987.

Artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Salvador Dali, Keith Haring, David Hockney and Roy Lichtenstein were commissioned to design rides and exhibits for a genre bending amusement park. The grand plans for a touring attraction were dashed, and, shockingly, the amusement was put into storage and forgotten. Thanks to a select group of individuals, including the rapper, Drake, Luna Luna lives again today as an art exhibit. And, you can experience it for yourself in downtown for the next few months.

If you could go back in time, what artist would you add to this list?

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If you could only see what we’re seeing…

When we heard about a land art installation 50 years in the making, let’s just say we were intrigued. It all seemed a bit mysterious from the start. We signed up for the lottery system on a website back in January of this year. Months later we received an acknowledgment that we had 4 tickets (of 6 daily) to visit the installation in the middle of the Nevada Desert.

A few days prior to our visit, we were given instructions on how to proceed to our secret destination. The day of our visit would have us leaving Las Vegas at 3:30 am in the morning and driving to the tiny town of Alamo, Nevada. We were then met by a friendly transportation guide who drove us another hour and a half through gov’t then private land owned by the artist Michael Heizer (all the while regaling us with stories of space aliens and Area 51). Upon arrival, we were given instructions and set on our way to explore the mile and a 1/2 art installation. The exhibitors required us to sign a consent saying that we won’t take or post any pictures of the installation as it is meant to be experienced live and not recorded.

There have been several articles published on the exhibit, so we’re reposting approved photos (we hope) here. Most Angelinos will know the artist by his Levitated Mass exhibit at LACMA (the giant suspended boulder one can walk under). We were informed that the artist purchased the land back in the late 70’s and it is just now finished and open to a select lucky few. If you’re intrigued, I would check out the website and get yourself signed up for tix.  


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