Spanish Colonial or Spanish Revival homes are inspired by the rich architecture of Spain and Latin America. Typically, these homes are one-story, with elaborate arches, matching interior hallways, and entryways. Many basic design features include, terracotta clay, red barrel tile roofs, or flat roofs with castle-like parapets.  There is a distinct texture and visual depth in design with the use of wooden door accents, light stucco exterior walls, decorative elements that typically appear around arches and near the small windows, wooden support beams, and inner courtyards.  There are also components of materials, such as stone, ceramics and pottery, and elegant ironwork used for stair or balcony railings, window coverings, or as exterior design.

These ageless homes bring together Mediterranean, Moorish, and Spanish Colonial elements, suggesting that they borrow ideas from early American settlers from Spain. There are many varied designs encompassing the “Spanish” style, because it has been inspired by many different sources over the years. Famed architect Wallace Neff, designed several classic estates in the 1920s and beyond, in his own classic Spanish Colonial Revival style, creating what is now known as “California Style.”  Many Spanish homes include a separate Casita, the Spanish word for “little house,” a detached house that serves as a guest house, studio, or home office. Stunning Luxury Spanish Haciendas can be found virtually everywhere in the Los Angeles area, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Hancock Park, and in the Hollywood Hills. Spanish homes and are a great way to invite Mother Nature inside, like coming home. Possibly the most important feature of Spanish architecture is that these homes are meant to induce a warm, cozy feeling, while still being grand in size.

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