Witch and Watchman’s Whimsical World

Wallpaper can quickly shift the mood in an interior space, creating a world that wraps around you like an experiential blanket. Witch and Watchmen, founded by artist/designer Helen Wilson hand paints each of her amazing designs in oil on canvas before the final product is digitally reproduced onto wallpaper and fabric. Her inspiration comes from Film Noir, think Sunset Boulevard and Citizen Kane – as well as classic Hollywoods’ theatrical mansions and midnight gardens with overgrown lush greenery. A seriously striking statement to customize your Los Angeles home…

Witch and Watchman animal wallpaper

Amazonia Dark Wallpaper | The vivid colors of this wallpaper, make you feel as though you are walking through the Amazon on a dark moody night, you can almost hear the sounds of the owls and peacocks… just listen.

Witch and Watchman Elysian Palms Pink Wallpaper

Elysian Palms Pink Wallpaper |. Lush tropical palms and flowering plants, like orchids and anthuriums, wind their way upwards reaching for the sky on a playfully pink background.

Belladonna Dark Wallpaper | Inside Salvador Dali’s Amazonian dream… mushrooms, macaroons, teacups, pomegranates and more fill this surreal composition of the deadly nightshade, Belladonna entwined in the most amazing shades of aubergine, beet and jungle green.

Siberia Light Wallpaper | This magical world is filled with furry critters – ring-tailed lemurs, white squirrels, hummingbirds and owls comfortably hanging out in the vines and giving you a peek into their otherworldly environment. See these Witch and Watchman wallpapers and more at witchandwatchman.com.

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