Richard Neutra’s The Kambara Residence
in Prime Silver Lake

Architect Richard Neutra’s The Kambara Residence, 1960, Silver Lake.

Mid Century Modern-Silver Lake

This is a first offering for this property, part of the Neutra Colony houses at Silver Lake.

Modern Real Estate-Silver Lake

Contrary to appearance, the Neutra Colony offers a unique living environment, sheltered within a park-like landscape, these homes were not a planned development.

Modernist Architecture-Silver Lake

Each of the Neutra Colony residences was executed individually with the architect’s first ground rule being, to provide a characteristic design for the happiness and well-being of each owner and his family.

The Kambaras spent their entire lives cherishing the house, and carefully maintaining it exactly as built.

Modern Architectural-Silver Lake

The residence is positioned so that living spaces merge with the views of Silver Lake and adjoining gardens.

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Listing courtesy of Crosby Doe, Crosby Doe Associates, Inc.