Percival Lafer // Brazilian Modernist Furniture Designer

After concluding his degree in Architecture at the Mackenzie University in São Paulo, Percival Lafer took over his father’s furniture company The Lafer Co.


His motto, since day one, was innovation. Every design should reflect state-of-the-art technologies applied to innovative ideas. Contemporary designs intended for the mass market; every design should be different and original, therefore patented.


The factory was named Lafer MP, the initials MP meaning Moveis Patenteados, Portuguese for Patented Furniture.


Percival Lafer dedicates most of his time to create new product design. The passion for Modernist architecture could not be exerted in full, due to his total dedication to the family business, but a number of houses were designed for some of his personal friends.


As a hobby, an old passion, cultivated since childhood, deconstructing and then rebuilding cars. Toys at first, real ones later.