John Lautner Silvertop – The Reiner-Burchiill Residence

John Lautner Silvertop

John Lautner Silvertop: The Reiner-Burchiill Residence, 1957-1976.

John Lautner Silvertop in Silver Lake

Silvertop is to Los Angeles’ residential architecture as Eero Saarinen’s TWA Terminal is to New York City.

Beyond function, both are beacons projecting the peak of America’s optimism, and the creative strength of a period grounded in a strong faith in future possibility.

They are the real-life experiments in the Tomorrowland promised by Walt Disney.

At Silvertop today, the bright Tomorrowland of yesteryear still resonates.

The veracity of its original concept has stood the test of time. As a place to live it’s sublime.

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