The Exquisite “Domus Solaris”
By Buff & Hensman

Domus Solaris by Buff & Hensman

Domus Solaris by Buff & Hensman, Don Hensman’s own residence, 1975.

At twilight, Domus Solaris seems to float in a close orbit between the lights of Los Angeles below & the deep blue sky above.

During the daytime the sun’s light dominates, truly making it the “House of the Sun.” Here architecture positions its occupants in communion with the poet’s sublime: endless sky & mountains, exhilarating height, a chosen solitude shared with wind, sun & air.

Described in the L.A. Times as “perched on a promontory like a luxury railroad car” with its 2-way views, the structure is pared to essentials so as to make an open frame for the holistic living space provided by patios & pool (more than 2 x the interior space).

Domus Solaris | Buff & Hensman

When looking at Domus Solaris, Philip Johnson’s “Glass House” in Connecticut and the famed “Barcelona Pavilion” come to mind.

This is the Romantic ideal hidden within Modernism: to unlock human potential via immersion in total freedom & privacy. One magisterial bedroom, 1.5 baths, garage framed for an unbuilt second pavilion at entry.

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Listing courtesy of Michael D. Phillips, Crosby Doe Associates, Inc.