Colorfully Chic Concrete Basins and Sinks

Utilizing the robust material, concrete, which combines the organic characteristics of natural stone with the ability to be cast in a variety of shapes and sizes – Kast’s founder Tim Bayes has been working with this distinctive “liquid stone” for more than 20 years. Kast’s range of customizable concrete basins are colorful showstoppers anywhere they are used. Manufactured just a couple of miles from UK’s famous Sherwood Forest, the factory is also home to a research and development facility where pigments, admixtures and casting processes are explored and fine-tuned. Suitable for the most discerning client, these beautiful basins can be used in historic or contemporary environments where the creative craft of custom design is celebrated. These basins are expertly created by experienced craftspeople and can be delivered throughout the world in a matter of days.

These concrete basins are expertly created by experienced craftspeople

Elm Mini in Ember |  The vivid hue of this compact basin adds pop to any powder room or bath. Suitable for wall or surface mounting, it is sure to steal the show where ever it is showcased.

Luna in White | Stunning semi-circular wall or surface mounted basin with a refined fluted edge that would make any pastry chef proud. Pair it with a black or gunmetal tap and greet each morning with a smile.

Elm in Storm | The bigger brother of the Elm Mini, the dramatic hue of this deep blue-gray basin brings a bit of the Soho House to your house. These concrete basins may be wall or surface mounted, adding a perfectly posh element to any bathroom, use it in pairs for an even more powerful punch.

Kast’s range of customizable concrete basins are colorful showstoppers anywhere they are used.

Otto in Blush |  This circular basin with a pleated diagonal pattern in a sweeping 360-degree motion – moves us in all the right ways. The sculptural form is designed for surface mounting and in a blush hue, looks chic against a rich indigo wall.  

Kast’s concrete basins would look amazing paired with wallpaper from the whimsical world of Witch and Watchman for a statement-making bathroom.

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