The Design Culture and Whimsical Work of Ettore Sottsass

Born in 1917, in Innsbruck Austria, Ettore Sottsass brought ironic wit, bold colors and contemporary styling to everyday objects. In 1958, he started to work with Olivetti as a design consultant for more than twenty years. In 1967, together with Fernanda Pivano and the poet Allen Ginsberg, he founded the magazine ‘pianeta fresco’. In the 1980’s he created the Memphis group of international postmodern designers and architects. This design collective is known for neon colors, odd, angled shapes, kitsch suburban motifs and laminate patterns containing squiggle graphics.
Ettore Sottsass Carlton book case

The Carlton book case c.1981. Boasts the classic Memphis movement elements, wood and plastic laminate constructed in an array of colors, unusual angles and whimsy.
Ettore Sottsass Eastside lounge chairs
The ‘Eastside’ lounge chairs, c.1980 were commissioned by Knoll, in wool upholstery with metal frames.

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Charlotte Perriand // Functional and Fantastique

Charlotte Perriand, born in Paris in 1903, is deemed one of the most important furniture designers of the mid 20th century. At the age of 24, she produced a number of critically acclaimed pieces of furniture constructed from anodized aluminium and chromium-plated steel that drew the attention of Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret. She began a working relationship with them which lasted until 1937. They worked together to create buildings where the line between interior furnishings and the exterior form didn’t exist.
Charlotte Perriand Bloc Cabinet

Perriand’s forward thinking Bloc Cabinet c.1958 is constructed of oak with two enameled steel doors which conceal three adjustable shelves.
Charlotte Perriand tubular steel and leather chairs

In the 1960’s Charlotte Perriand was contracted to design and develop the French ski resort ‘Les Arcs’, emphasizing practical use of small spaces and open living plans. These tubular steel and leather chairs were designed for the project and became know as Les Arc chairs.

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Walter Lamb // A Totally Tubular Outdoor Collection

Following World War II, Robert Brown (Brown Jordan) sought to introduce a product utilizing reclaimed materials. Collaborating with well-known designer, Walter Lamb, these modern prototypes were crafted utilizing bronze and copper tubing salvaged from sunken naval ships at Pearl Harbor. Lamb’s’ signature ultra-cool curvy furniture pieces, lounge chairs, dining tables, benches and more, combine extruded metal frames with hand-wrapped, marine-grade, cording that is flexible enough to provide comfort but strong enough to withstand the elements. The bronze or copper frames do not rust and will develop a beautiful patina over time.

A signature pair of Lamb’s bronze lounge chairs with matching ottoman. Lamb’s collection for Brown Jordan is synonymous with cool California design and has been recognized with a MoMA design award.
Walter Lamb outdoor coffee table
Lamb’s outdoor coffee table has a bronze tubular frame and is finished off with a redwood top. The result is a gorgeous contrast between the industrial-metal frame and the natural wood top.

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Gio Ponti // A Passion for Living Ponti Style

As an innovator and influencer Gio Ponti, architect, painter, furniture and industrial designer was arguably the most authentic voice in Italian Modernism. Born and raised in Milan, Ponti was the founder and editor of the quintessential Domus magazine (1928). He viewed himself as an artist and mediator between the spheres of ideas and reality. Ponti promoted the artistic design of industrial products as well as decorative ones from vases to glassware and lighting.

Gio Ponti Dormitio Lounge Chair

The Dormitio Lounge Chair was designed in the fifties for those returning, wearily, from the Benedictine abbey of San Pietro – Civate, Italy.

Armchair Model 803 from Ponti’s Mid-Century upholstered series, Italy, 1954 with walnut legs and wool upholstery.

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Danish Furniture Designer Poul Volther

Poul Volther was a Danish furniture designer who is remembered above all for his iconic Corona Chair.

Poul Volther Corona-chair

The Corona Chair: one of the most recognizable designs of the twentieth century, still both chic and comfortable. An excellent example from the original production run.

Poul Volther Modern Oak Daybed

Handsome Danish Modern Oak Daybed by Poul Volther. Features slatted oak frame and newly upholstered cushion.

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