ARCHITECTURE // The Art of Designed Living

The open-mindedness of west coast culture and a passion for enjoying the southern California  weather has contributed to making the Los Angeles area an architectural kaleidoscope. Hollywood film set realities combined with ground breaking architectural practices has filled the city with unique architectural expressions, both past and present. Whether attracted to the indoor-outdoor ambiguity of large panes of glass, open floor plans and structural steel systems from the language of mid-century modern architects – or the handcrafted visceral experience of custom wood built-ins, broad eaves and low-pitched roofs of the craftsman style bungalow, LA offers many options for living in an inspirational space… and for creating your own LA story.

“It is always gratifying to me to be in a space which possesses a beauty of balance and proportion and makes my spirits soar…what better goal can there be for an architect than to create conditions such as these.”
– Edward A. Killingsworth, F.A.I.A.