Bel Air Fortress by architect David Tenneson Rich

architect David Tenneson Rich - Ursa Major

Once known as Ursa Major by architect David Tenneson Rich, this inimitable fortress inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright stands as an unmitigated paragon of architectural brilliance.

Forty-foot ceilings accompanied by walls of glass combine effortlessly to create a boundless space beyond the stunning recessed conversation pit and wood-burning fireplace.

Grand steel beams, the wooden ceilings, and the wooden slat pillars all fall perfectly into place with the stone floors and centered fireplace to create a beautifully symmetrical grand layout that ultimately spotlights the intricacies of the overall design.

The kitchen maintains the property’s eminent splendor, featuring immaculate design and clean lines throughout.

architect David Tenneson Rich, Wilt Chamberlain's former home

Integration within nature proves effortless for this masterpiece as lush, mature greenery encompasses the property offering a beautiful contrast to the blue hues of the enormous wrap around pool – a sizable feature that current building codes no longer allow.

With sweeping views over Stone Canyon reservoir, this incredible feat of architectural performance has it all.

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Listing Courtesy of Drew Fenton, Hilton & Hyland